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Leave no trace with these camping essentials

Photo by Nashrodin Aratuc from Pexels


We love camping and hiking as much as anyone but notice most of the affordable essentials are non-renewable plastic products ~seems a bit ironic, doesn't it? For all of us who appreciate the great outdoors, shouldn't we find smart solutions for the campground that don't clog our landfills and waterways with more plastic?

Perhaps you're planning a solid hike and overnight and need some gear. Maybe you're a mom or dad helping your Brownie, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Webelos or Adventure Guide gather their essentials for their big camping trip. Fortunately, we can help you check a few items off your list. 

The two things you may want to consider is the GUUD Brand Ultimate 17oz. Tumbler. Made from stainless steel and bamboo, keeps drinks hot or cold all day long. Also consider the GUUD Brand Camper Cutlery Set. It is a 6-piece bamboo kit which comes with a hand polished bamboo fork, spoon, knife, bamboo straw, straw cleaner, our super popular bamboo toothbrush, and a travel sized cotton/linen napkin.

So leave no trace, consider these sustainable items the next time you're packing your essentials for the trails.

Photo by Nashrodin Aratuc from Pexels