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Send Your WFH Team Sustainable Love

In the past months, we have all had to quickly adjust to a new rhythm that involves social distancing and for some a new work from home, learn from home, everything from home set up. Chances are you've gotten to know you roommates better, your kids, their teachers and maybe some neighbors.

But one thing is for sure, maintaining deadlines and overall productivity amidst a global pandemic is BEYOND stressful.

We have been approached by companies and organizations to help them create custom Work from Home (WFH) gift sets to say thank you and express gratitude for keeping the wheels of production going during this unprecedented time. Working within your budget is what we do and given enough lead time we can source special sustainable products that fit your company, the gesture itself and your message to your employees and/or partners. We're biased a bit, we admit, but you may agree these sustainable and affordable products are a super thoughtful gift options for corporate gift giving, or ways to make that enterprise partner feel special.

All of these exclusive sets are carbon neutral and can be sent domestically and internationally. A portion of our proceed go to non-profit organizations that are committed to addressing some of the worlds toughest challenges like global warming and COVID-19 relief. 

If interested, please tap the chat widget in the store to connect with a live operator or ring us at the number below or simply email us (*address listed in the footer). Stay safe. #wegotthis

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