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Sustainable swag with a purpose

Whether it's a wedding party for a hundred or an experiential marketing event for 15k people, getting swag is a bit of a standard. Most of the time it is something small and useful -maybe cute, hopefully functional -to mark the event. Now we know it needs to be meaningful and sustainable, too. What exactly does that mean and what is trending?

Weddings are an area where sustainable and responsible gifting is really being embraced. Always adding a personal touch you may want to consider something that is super unique like our GUUD Box Gift Set. It's a perfect gift for your bridesmaids or groomsmen. 

For trade shows, corporate events and business meetings or special events it is still the usual parade of branded water bottles and pens. Now that brands are aligning themselves directly or indirectly with causes they believe in maybe you should be creative this year consider curbing the throw-away plastic products and embrace some new affordable products people will use and hang onto whether is is a set of branded cutlery that keeps plastic cutlery out of landfills and waterways.

Then there are the big events. Think about it, you have 10-20k people flying from around the world for a business conference (like Salesforce, C2, Rodan + Field Convention, Dwell on Design, the list goes on). We love them but that's a lot of "stuff" and these brands know it. They're savvy and responsible but always on the lookup for good ideas.

Think about how you can use this as an opportunity to connect your brand, perhaps you CSR program and a cause that is important to your brand -like having a more sustainable and responsible corporate event.

We at GUUD make sure every product we sell is carbon neutral and a portion of our sales is donated to non-profit organizations aligned with addressing the climate crisis. For us this is super important. And part of the way we are offering solutions is with a growing but highly curated collection of sustainable and affordable non-plastic alternatives to everyday products.

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