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The Three Dimensions of the GUUD Plan

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There is plenty trending in the retail space for stores to provide a greener more sustainable products. Consumers are quickly waking to the fact that they should examine their spending habits and see were they can draw down their use of unsustainable goods.

But what exactly constitutes an unsustainable product?

There are a lot of layers to that question to pick apart;

  • There is the product itself, is it made of unsustainable material?
  • Is the packaging standard unsustainable or toxic?
  • Is the brand or store taking into consideration how the product is being shipped?
Our business model focuses on three at the moment.
  1. Sustainable products. This means we curate our product categories to focus on consumer goods that are unsustainable by design; plastic cups, plastic cutlery and plastic straws are a few easy examples. It does not make sense to continue buying these products, but there needs to be ample affordable alternatives so consumers can easily make the switch. 
  2. Sustainable packaging. This is a big one. Statistics put plastics and unsustainable material in packaging at 28.1% of all waste generated1. That means most packaging is made of things that are toxic for our landfills, waterways, and ecosystem in general. Our packaging is minimal and designed to protect the product during shipping. We gravity toward recycled and sustainable material, and vegan non-toxic printing. We realize the packaging is part of the first impression and ultimately thrown away in the first few moments. We want to make sure that first impression is good, the materials are as friendly as possible and the product arrives to your doorstep in one piece.
  3. Zero Footprint. This means taking into consideration the shipping it takes to get our products made, shipped to us and then shipped to you. We have partnered with Carbon Fund (.ORG) to offset the travel between production partners, us and you -the consumer. When it comes to moving materials and product we work hard to manage the impact of how our goods travel.

This means the products are sustainable, the product packaging is sustainable and we offset the carbon produced through shipping. Additionally, we invest a portion of our proceeds into non-profit organizations that are making strides to address the many dimensions of the climate crisis.

We believe in a new way of doing business and doing retail right.

1. Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2018 Fact Sheet | E.P.A.

Photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels