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10 Pack All Natural Bamboo Straws
10 Pack All Natural Bamboo Straws

10 Pack All Natural Bamboo Straws

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This 10 Pack all natural bamboo straws are reusable and each one is totally unique. Package comes with ten 7.5" (19cm) straws and one wire straw cleaner in a convenient GUUD all-cotton storage bag.

  • TOP CHOICE FOR NON-PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC THROW AWAY STRAWS this beautiful set of 10 organic bamboo straws are reusable, and completely compostable. The U.S. uses over 500 MILLION plastic drinking straws per day, that is enough plastic waste to wrap the entire circumference of the earth two and a half times! By using these reusable, biodegradable, plant based drinking straws you are helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. 

  • TOXIC AND CHEMICAL FREE: These straws use no inks, dyes and bleach.

  • CARBON NEUTRAL - Portion of proceeds used to purchase carbon offset credits, making this a carbon neutral purchase. Join us in our mission to begin reducing and replacing single and casual use plastics and non-sustainable products! 

Say 'no thanks' to coffee shops and restaurants the next time they offer you a plastic straw with your order. Keep a fistful in your kitchen, glove compartment, backpack or travel bag so you always have one in reach.

    Reduce your use of single use and casual-use throw away plastic products. Shop smart, live well and make an impact.