6-piece Camper Cutlery Set – GUUD Products
6-piece Camper Cutlery Set - GUUD Products
6-piece Camper Cutlery Set - GUUD Products

6-piece Camper Cutlery Set

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Toss this stylish zero waste GUUD Brand cotton cutlery wrap in your backpack or bag to reduce your use of single and casual use plastic utensils, and straws. You won't find this at Patagonia or REI, people. 

The big difference between this and our other 6-piece set is we've swapped the chopsticks for the bamboo toothbrush. We love chopsticks but sometimes a toothbrush is REALLY handy. To be honest, this is a great kit for the office too, you don't want to go into that 1p meeting with spinach in your teeth.

This travel set includes beautifully hand polished reusable bamboo cutlery that only get better with age. Soft and light to the touch, you can use them again and again. Perfect camping kit for Girl Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Adventure Guides or simply somebody who wants a dinner cutlery kit that is not made of plastic. 

Kit includes;

  • Reusable BAMBOO fork, spoon and knife
  • Reusable BAMBOO straw and wire straw cleaner
  • Reusable black BAMBOO medium bristle toothbrush because brushing your teeth when you go camping is a thing.
  • All natural (cotton) washable cutlery wrap
  • All natural (cotton/linen) washable travel napkin.

A great gift and perfect for camping, traveling and on the go.

Shop smart, live well and make an impact. All GUUD products are carbon neutral and a portion of our proceeds are invested in non-profit clean and green tech organizations.

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